Blue Rose Performance Video 2019

This video is an example of Blue Rose Jazz's live performance work. The sound to this video was  recorded in one take via the PA in the room on the day of the filming! This video demonstrates the enigmatic stage presence and vocal charisma of the lead vocalist Blue Rose and the sheer talent and expertise of the musicians who accompany Blue Rose! This style of performance would be ideal for a lively luxury cocktail lounge or a high end award ceremony or corporate event! Blue Rose are passionate about adding that extra pizzazz to create a buzz and impress your clients and guests at your world class establishment!


Blue Rose Performance Video 2019 Two

This video is an example of Blue Rose Jazz's live performance work. The sound to this video was  recorded in one take via the PA in the room on the day of the filming! This video demonstrates the unique musical styling that Blue Rose adds to each song they perform! Always aiming to deliver your favourite songs in a new and innovative way! Blue Rose Jazz understand the importance of reading the room to compliment the style of the event when performing! This style of performance would be ideal for an intimate candle lit supper with fine wine or perhaps for a special event where you would like to add that something truly unique to the day to impress your guests or clients at your world class establishment! 

Blue Rose Jazz understand the importance of presentation for your event and would be delighted to offer several outfit and gown options to create a bespoke delivery for your event or world class establishment!

Blue Rose Teaser 2020
Here is a Blue Rose introduction! With a sneak peak at the presentation that Blue Rase Jazz as a company like to offer to the world class establishments they perform at across the globe!
Something to present to your colleagues and guests, via social media or otherwise, when wanting to excite them and perhaps encourage intrigue into the glamorous live music act you have booked for your world class establishment or event!

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